7)   Palliative Care: (LO1, 2 and 3) (updated 7/26/20)
    a. Part I- Communication Around End of Life Care and Code Status: (LO1) -
        i. American Family Physician- “End-of-Life-Care: Guidelines for Patient Centered Communication”January 15, 2008 -
            “Evaluating Medical Decision-Making Capacity in Practice” July 1, 2018 -
        ii. Up-To-Date – “Advanced care planning and advanced directives”-


            source=machineLearning&search=CODE+STATUS&selectedTitle=2%7E150&sectionRank=3&anchor=H23369035#H23369035(REQUIRED READING) -
        iii. Journal of Hospital Medicine -
            “Uninformed Consent: Do Medicine Residents Lack the Proper Framework for Code Status Discussions?” February 2016 -
        iv. Fast Facts -
            #16 Moderating an End of Life Conference
            #42 Broaching the Topic of a Palliative Care Consultation with Patients and Families #55 Decision Making Capacity
            #65 Establishing End of Life Goals: The Living Well Interview
            #183 &184 Conflict Resolution Part I & II
            #204 African Americans and End of Life Care
            #227 The Family Meeting: End of Life Goal Setting and Future Planning
            #235 Prognostic Models in Critically Ill Patients

    b. Part II- Symptom Management (LO2)
    c. Part III- Withdrawal of Care and Hospice/GIP Hospice (LO3)