Sending your email invite


Step One:Open up Outlook Calendar


You should have on your Outlook Toolbar (see photo below)


If you do not have this, IT will need to add it to your Outlook Toolbar


Click: Schedule Meeting

Click: Schedule Webex Mtg 


Side Note:  I use "My Personal Room" to schedule my webex lectures but you don't have to.

When entering location I use: 4156550003,,,627201287#  (use 3 commas and # as shown)

                                  Use your own access code


Here is what my screen looks like, see location info

If not using Personal Room/The Webex settings box

may pop up, I put in password Welcome1 and I allow people to join 15 minutes in advance but you don't have to you can select 5 minutes or 10 minutes.

Click:  OK


Fill In: email address of Faculty and Residents (whoever you are webexing to)  I use my distribution lists located under my Contacts List

Subject:  fill in your lecture title

Location:  Video Conference

Complete your Date and Time of the lecture

Click "Send"

See photo below

It will then verify your account

Starting Your Webex Lecture

Go to your Outlook Calendar and double click on your lecture to open it up

Click : "Join Webex"




Click:  Start Meeting

Audio at the bottom of screen "Use Computer for Audio" is selected



Look at top left tool bar for "Share"




Click :  Share Content



Click "Screen 1"

You are now sharing your screen and using your computer for audio

You will see the webex tool bar at the top of the page

You are now LIVE

When finished with your lecture click stop sharing (colored orange on the tool bar)




This box pops up and click the red X at the bottom of the screen to end meeting