Integrative Medicine in Residency Track

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The Integrative Medicine in Residency (IMR) track is an exciting optional track provided to interested residents during their second and third year of training. 

 The track consists of informative on-line modules, essential hands-on experience, interesting didactic components and visits to community facilities. 

 Our residency affiliates with the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine to provide this track and is one of only six programs identified as an “early adopter” of the IMR track in the United States.


Integrative Medicine combines conventional medicine with complementary, evidence-based health care modalities incorporating a special emphasis on health promotion and illness prevention. The director of the IMR track is Gazala Parvin, M.D.   She is Board Certified in Family Medicine and completed her fellowship in Integrative Medicine in 2007 under Andrew Weil, MD.  Dr. Parvin specializes in women’s health issues and the prevention and management of chronic illness, including cancer.


We invite you to expand your Family Medicine residency experiences by considering participation in the IMR track.


Here are the main requirements of the IMR track: (Please Click here to download Attachment for : IMR track modules per year)


• On-line curriculum work consisting of 195 hours to be completed longitudinally over a 2 year time period.  The 7 required on-line units

  are: Prevention and Wellness, Pediatrics, Acute Care, Women’s Health, Chronic Illness, Tools in Integrative Medicine and Special Topics.

   (see for additional information)


• 30 hours of hands-on experience is completed longitudinally during 2nd and 3rd year. You will spend one-half day per month in the

  Integrative Medicine Clinic under the mentorship of Dr. Parvin.


• Didactic sessions with the director and guest speakers on pertinent topics.


•Visits to facilities in the community that promote integrative medicine concepts.



Upon completion of the requirements and graduation from the residency, you will receive a certificate documenting your successful participation in the Integrative Medicine in Residency track.




Gazala Parvin, MD